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From Casual to Committed Using The Power of Polarisation.

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The Cupid’s Bow Technique

From Casual To Committed Using The Power Of Polarisation.

This book is for women who are unsatisfied with their current relationship status either because you’re unhappy being single or are currently in an unfulfilling relationship.

The Cupid’s Bow Technique is step-by-step guide to attracting / creating a healthy committed relationship with the love of your life, with all the intimacy, passion and peace you could ever want.

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To empower you to reach your full potential in attracting / creating the ultimate intimate, committed relationship.

To have a positive impact in reducing divorce, domestic violence & suicide.

To achieve our mission globally, through world-class coaching and training.

To contribute by creating a lasting legacy of safety, dignity and opportunity for children and women who have survived rape, abuse and severe trauma as a result of war crimes and sex trafficking – through the setting up of worldwide – ‘you can heal your life’ centres / retreats.